Letters Home II. Waitress Life.

Hello lovely people! Are you ready for some more stories? Here we go.

Still working in the same café, now full time. The first week was very tough, I was physically exhausted at the end of the day but slowly got used to it. We have some new staff plus I got to know everyone else better now.

The main owner is Farid. He owns several restaurants and cafés in the city center and is a originally from Iran (even before it was Iran, so like not sure which generation we’re talking here). He is a hard working guy and he is in the café at dawn already and is often the one that stands behind the coffee machine in the morning. He’s the type of guy that has a nice and/or funny comment for all of his customers. I think he took a like in me and gave me the nickname “Foufoulou” after a couple of weeks  and he’ll make my morning coffee as soon as I start my shift and he sees my face (which is needed!). But he is in general not really approachable to have any real conversations with. Then we have Jasmine, his wife, who is also Persian and is just plain annoying. Not so much what she does, just her nervous presence is exhausting and she always wants to tell you what to do or what to clean if she sees you standing still for more than 5 seconds. Their 24 year old daughter, Eve, also works in the café. Although she is the owner’s daughter, she never uses this (I didn’t even know until I worked there for a month or so) and she works just as hard as the rest. We also have Nino, and I never met someone whose name fitted someone better. He’s around my age, speaks Italian but only with a pretty strong southern accent so most of the time I don’t understand him, and he is constantly unsatisfied with life and thinks the world is against him. He just discovered I’m not that angelic as I look (those were his words), just because I like to pick on his negativity. And he gets so easily offended that it’s a tough balance game. Ana left for a month to Brazil again but should be back soon. We have a new member to Bella’s crew which is Sam, a French girl originally from Algeria. She is a gorgeous tall girl with beautiful afro hair. She is really cool but not very liked in a “professional” way by the owners (although she is unaware of it) as they think she’s too opinionated (like what the actual fuck!) and works too slowly for their standards. Anyways, she is the first work friend I made(insert raise the roof emoji). Last Saturday she invited me to a Soul Dance Party (oh yeah) and I had a great time. A stayed home and literally said before I left: “Go and have fun with the kids”. Yes, he’s old. Yes, I’m old too. I was home by midnight Cinderella style.

We’re still looking for an apartment, actually saw one this weekend that we really loved and will hear this week if we get it or not. It has a backyard and a garage, reason why we want to change. Nothing wrong with our current place but the car is parked at the office and we can’t use the BBQ (the huge smoker) as we don’t have a garden. So we’ll probably will move more to the subs, but not too far from the CBD.

Next weekend is a long weekend and we’re off to Tasmania! Going there with the ferry so we can bring the car and our camping stuff, planning to cruise along the East coast from Devonport to Hobart and then back. Looking forward to some adventure, life can get quite monotonous in the winter here, also because I’m quite frustrated working in the cafe, every day it’s the same and I make zero money. I started the job hunting a bit more seriously again (after some weeks of laziness) and got in contact with an agency as well and they are helping me but still there are no results. I had an interview with ‘One’ last Monday (a New Zealand SaaS Software company, quite big here)  for a temp role – so there wasn’t even the issue of a sponsorship. Just really hoped to get a foot into the door but unfortunately they went with someone else although they said they’ll keep me in mind for future openings. The role required a lot of data analysis in which I don’t have much experience so I kind of get the decision. It was another low moment and it took me some days to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve decided to take further actions: I’ll start working one day less in the café so I have more time for job hunting, research, online courses, starting my own business (cakes? pies? a café?) or whatever makes me happy.

Besides the Tassie trip, I’m also going to New York in August! A has some business meetings and I’ve decided to tag along. The ticket was quite expensive but going to New York has been on my to do list for such a long time so I really thought it was time to do just take action and do it. Plus I’ll get some sun as the Melbourne winter is quite rainy and, although the temperatures are not that low, inside all buildings it’s always so cold, miss those Danish double glasses and central heating systems. Sigh.

There’s much more to tell but I’ll leave it for now, don’t want to overload you with information.