Letters Home III. Hope & The Outdoor Aussie Life.

Where did I left off last time?

Ah yes! Poor little me being unsatisfied with my waitress life. I had that interview at ‘One’ and they didn’t take me and everything seemed hopeless again. I decided to take action and work one day less in the cafe so I would have had time to dedicate an entire day to job hunting (as the weekends are for relaxing, everyone knows that). Just as I was about to get this day off, I got another call from One; the next day I go in for an interview and I immediately clicked with Rick, my new manager. The interview was on a Friday, then there was a long weekend (the Queen’s birthday) in which me and A went finally on a good camping adventure (Tasmania didn’t go through that weekend – all ferries were cancelled due to heavy rain that damaged most of the East coast). As we were already super organized for our camping adventure we decided to go somewhere closer by home and picked out the Grampians. I already visited parts of the park last year when I was here during a day trip with Carlotta so the beauty of the place wasn’t new to me although obviously there was much more to see. We had a great little camping spot in the middle of the park surrounded only by trees: no showers, just a basic toilet and a designated place were to light a fire. It was all about making fire, cooking, keeping warm during the night (it was so cold, the temperature during the night got to 0 ºC) and exploring the surrounding nature. We even did some 4 wheel driving with the Land Rover. Actually, that’s a funny story. We were heading back to camp after some groceries in the nearby village when a guy came up to us saying he got stuck with his 4WD. We tried to get him out of this deep mud pool he sunk into using a rope from his car to ours but we weren’t very successful. Luckily after about 10 minutes a whole group of big fat experienced 4WD came into the little road and made sure to get him out in a whip. They were all middle aged couples, part of some 4WD club, that were doing a trip in the park all together and they invited us to come along! It’s always smarter to do these thing in a group, especially if you have little experience, so if you get stuck they know what to do and can help you. Anyways, we loved it! The scenery was beautiful and our big little Oscar (that’s the name of the Land Rover) is a master of the road!

After our wonderful nature weekend I received a call from the company and got offered the temp job. I literally was jumping up and down! Less happy with having to bring the news to the cafe: I was only giving one day notice, which is obviously not really nice. Bella coached me on how to tackle the situation with Jasmine and she even gave me the advice of leaving the cafe in the middle of the shift if she would give me crap. As the irrational woman that she is, I have to say I feared the worse but she took it quite well to be honest and the day carried on without any major clashes. Everyone was sad I was leaving and I promised I would come and visit often but almost 4 weeks have gone by and I only went once.

First couple of days of the new job were a nightmare: there was so much Excel stuff I didn’t know and didn’t dare to ask that I was freaking out. Also, all the team members (not just the ones in the same office as me, but mostly the ones in other parts of Australia) just started sending me things to do from day 1 and I had no idea what the process was yet. Rick explained a bit and of course I had some documentation but he was quite busy and I got stuck every second. I went home crying the first day. Things got better in the second week (luckily!) and eventually it got so busy that I was just so focused the whole day on these spreadsheets that I forgot time and space concepts. As it’s an accounting software and the end of financial year in Australia is on the 30th of June (don’t ask me why!) these are like the busiest days in the company. But immediately after my workload got drastically smaller and from full on stress days of 8/9 hours I’m now struggling to find some stuff to fill in my days. Next week Rick still promised me a full time week but I feel so useless sitting there when there’s almost nothing to do (and not to forget, they pay me by the hour). After next week it will go down to 2 days a week. I received good feedback from Rick and the rest of the team but there is little to no possibility to get a fixed role. The fact is also that I have no accounting experience, and most of the sales or onboarding roles here require at least a basic knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting. And the fact that they need to sponsor me on top of that doesn’t help. But hey, I’m thrilled to have an Aussie experience I can put on my CV!

Next Thursday there is a networking event at the ‘Eas’ HQ of Melbourne so I’ll grab the chance to try and promote myself there! I’ve been applying several times there and trying to get in contact with some of their HR crew without any luck, they are impenetrable. So this is such a great opportunity! Unfortunately I am postponing a camping trip because of this event. We were supposed to leave Thursday after lunch to Omeo for the weekend but probably we’ll only leave Thursday night. Living the outdoor dream!

The week after next Pete will come to Melbourne for a visit. I probably only get to see him briefly because they are going to Sydney for an eCommerce event, but still nice to see a ‘Tell Your Friends’ face again.

Miss you all lots and lots and lots.




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