Letters Home IV. New Apartment & Sexy Oneness.

What? Already a new chapter? Well, I obviously have too much time on my hands and too few friends.

Couldn’t wait to share the news: we got a new apartment! Finally (insert raise the roof emoji)!

Ho ho ho, it’s that time of the year. Ah no it isn’t, it’s winter in July. If I think of all the weird thing to get used to, this is one of those which will never feel right. You just can’t have the seasons messed up, it’s just not how it’s suppose to be! You know how you have a mental image of the year in your head? Like a calendar? I think everyone has a different visual image in their minds, and you probably always had it like that since you can remember. It probably develops around the time that we learn about days, weeks, months, season and the whole concept of time. Mine is a long old film roll (kind of the film rolls before we all switched to the digital world). It’s diagonally extended on a completely infinite white background. The very close end to my vision starts with January and the far end corner finishes with December. Depending on which part of the year we’re in it’s more or less zoomed into a particular season, month or week. I can also zoom in and out of the total picture. The peculiar thing is that the 3 months in the middle – June, July and August – are somewhat elevated and brighter from the rest. They represent the 3 months of summer. And now, this mental image is screwed up forever- The elevated brighter months are now part of the cold dark winter. Besides my imaginary calendar, I also struggle with understanding which vegetables are in season – which nowadays is difficult anyways because of the availability all year around. But as y’all know, I’m pretty keen on keeping things seasonal, local and organic. So certain fruit and greens which are assigned to a particular month (grapes in September, that’s when the vendemmia starts in Italy!) are just a mystery right now.

I shouldn’t complain, if in Denmark the year is made out of a long winter with a few weeks of sunny and warm weather, here it’s pretty much the opposite. It’s a long summer with a couple of weeks of crappy weather.

Let’s talk about my new job. ‘One’ is a super awesome company to work for. It’s very similar to ‘Tell Your Friends’ in the whole work/life balance aspect, people are really empowered and do what they have to do. It’s not a I-sit-in-my-chair-from-9-to-5 kind of job. Everyone is young and sexy too. It’s great. So what’s wrong? Well, a couple of things are. I was so concentrated and stressed on getting the job done in the beginning that I forgot to be social with people. I didn’t care. Besides obviously with my team (a bunch of guys) with whom I obviously chat, I became a bit of the awkward girl sitting in her corner being all serious. I finally decided to join a team event (like the whole sales department team event) a couple of weeks ago but then I was so sick that day that I barely was capable of working at all, let alone go out, do fun stuff, be social with total strangers. I felt I lost my only chance to finally break that awkward silence I have with most people sitting only a few inches from my desk. It’s only a “good morning” and some nods and smiles now and then.

The other problem is obviously that yes, it’s a startup, it’s a cloud solution, it’s a SaaS product that has all the same principles as all other products, it’s all these cool things that I’m already familiar with BUT it’s also an accounting product, which means, no matter in which department you are working, you need to have a basic understanding about accounting and/or bookkeeping (I don’t even know the difference). All the cool kids in my team are accountants. They studied finance, they know what they are talking about. And I just don’t, which sucks. I thought: once I’m in there, I’ll show them my skills, but I have a hard time following the basics, not the procedures, but the content! It’s like so far from my world that it’s not even intuitive for me (maybe some stuff would be for others). My manager adores me and is just too sweet trying to give me more work and work hours, trying to find new projects so I can stay on longer. From next week it’s going to be only 2 days, and although it’s better paid than the cafe job (obviously), with 2 days a week I can barely cover the rent.

And speaking of rent – we finally found a new apartment. Or a house (what an adult thing to say) actually! With a real front and back yard, wooden floors, parking place and in a great area too! Oh and wait, what? It has a pizza oven in the outside area (I know, I think this is what excites me most, must be my Italian blood bubbling).

This weekend we’re going to taste some outdoor life again. We’re going out camping with Jenna and Andy somewhere east of Melbourne, in Omeo to be precise. Hopefully we’re not going to freeze our feet off.

Miss you all.





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